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Tubular bowl centrifuge

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High Performance Tubular bowl centrifuge 

FUYI GQ and GF Series of Tubular Centrifuges are designed to operate at high speeds to generate up to 19,800 gravities of centrifugal force. Tubular separators are used for the recovery or the elimination of liquid suspended impurities, and for the separation of two (2) non-miscible liquids of different densities. The GQ and GF are available either as a clarifying type or separating type of tubular centrifuge.

tubular centrifuge

Clarifying Type (Solid-Liquid Separation)

The GQ type as a clarifying type of tubular centrifuge is designed to separate low percentages of solids between 1 and 0.001 microns in size which are suspended in a liquid. The high centrifugal force generated causes the solids to migrate to the wall of the centrifuge tube where they are retained. The clarified liquid is the discharged at the top of the tube.

Separating Type (Liquid-Liquid Separation)

The GF type configured as a separating type of tubular centrifuge is designed to separate liquid-liquid of differing densities. The high centrifugal force generated causes the high density liquid to migrate toward the tube wall while the lower density liquid is displaced to the center of the tube. The separated liquids are then discharged at the top of the tube with dedicated outlets.

Separating Type (Liquid-Liquid-Solid Separation)

The GF type tubular separators also can used in liquid-liquid-solid separation .

Typical Applications

    Separation of viruses and bacteria
    Classification of biotechnological solutions
    Production of gamma-globulin
    Separation and clarification of lubricating oils, greases and solvents
    Concentration of essential oils Purification of fish oils
    Dehydration of varnishes and lacquers
    Clarification of fruit juices

Design Features and Benefits

    Simple and robust design
    Small footprint
    Installations without foundations since the forces are not transmitted to the floor
    Tube removal without dis-assembly
    Full opening design available to facilitate easy cleaning, inspection and removal of the tube
    Heating and cooling capabilities
    CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning system
    SIP (Sterilization in Place) cleaning system
    Electric drive motor with hydraulic clutch
    VFD speed control

Main Parameter :

Type   45J 75J 105J 125J 150J
Diameter (mm)     45 75 105 125 142
Bowl Speed (r/min)  10000-28000 19000 16300 15000 13400
Bowl Volume (L)  0.4 2.2 6 8 10
G Force  19800 15700 15620 15750 15700
Though output Capacity (L/h) 100 600 1200 1500 2500
Motor Power (kw)    0.5 1.5 2.2 3.0 3.0
Weight (kg)   90 300 570 610 665
Dimension(mm) L×W×H  500×420×760  760×450×1120 840×500×1600  900×550×1600  1020×600×1600